Cybersex Unplugged 
Cybersex Unplugged

Ever ask:
  1. How do I hide what I’m doing from my partner?

  2. Did she see what I was doing?

  3. I hope the person on the other side is as hot as they say they are.

  4. I get so tired of the online games.

  5. I don’t have any friends.

  6. I’m only online because I can’t have sex with my partner.

  7. That chat was great; is that cheating?

  8. I’d like to have sex with that person in the video.

  9. Is that pic legal?

  10. Who is tracking what I’m doing online?

We’ve all heard the stories of people getting caught doing online sexual stuff. Someone was fired, a relationship ended, a fight ensued, or someone was arrested. Perhaps one of the stories people talk about is yours? Perhaps you’re the next person they’ll talk about will be you don’t stop what your doing.

This workbook is designed to provide resources for individuals struggling with their online sexual behavior.

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