Drugs, Sex and Recovery 
Drugs, Sex and Recovery


Recovery is the about living a better life. Imagine a life in recovery where everything fits together as a nice picture. Sexuality is a part of the picture. For many individuals, sexuality is a piece of the recovery puzzle that is never examined. Often, sexuality is often a piece of the life puzzle fraught with confusion, embarrassment, fear, anxiety, shame, and avoidance.

The goal of this workbook is help you recognize the positive power and role of sexuality in your recovery, thereby creating hope and personal fulfillment in your life. This workbook simplifies sexuality into smaller pieces allowing you to address sexuality in a safe and healing approach. For many readers, this will be the first time you deeply examine the individual puzzle pieces of sexuality and the connection to your chemical use. I encourage you to discover, accept, and care for your true sexual self by embarking on this work.

As you move through the workbook, there are reflection questions to help you examine the relationship between sexuality and your chemical use. Creative exercises will help you move toward an integrated personal picture of sexual health.

The topics in the workbook, to name a few, include healthy sexuality, healing from trauma, intimacy, relationships, disclosure, spirituality, healthy touch, cultural messages, sexual expression, mental health, body image and sexual functioning.

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