Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexual Health 
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexual Health


Table of Contents

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexual Health1


The Power of Story2

The Power and Experience of Sexual Health3

Toward Your Personal Definition of Sexual Health4

The Ten Components of the Sexual Health Model5

Five Core Tasks7

Why does a person stop at a stop sign? The role of inquiry.8

Structure of the Assignments8


A Program of Integrity10

The Power of Parallel Process12

The Pain of Sexuality13

The “Reverse-Golden-Rule.”14

How (NOT) to use this book15

Life Coaching and Sexual Health15

Finding a Sex Therapist16

The Importance and Limits of Confidentiality and Risk of Disclosure17

Chapter 1: Talking About Sex18

How Comfortable Are You?19

Reviewing Your Sex History21

Sexual Behavior Timeline28

Chapter 2: Culture, Values and Stereotypes33

Power of Thought33

Culture and Stereotypes36

Feelings of Shame and Guilt44

Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation47

Chapter 3: Physical Components of Sexual Health55

What is Sexual Functioning55

General Types of Sexual Dysfunction Issues57

Sexual Functioning and Development of Sexual Skills59

Types of Sexual Intimacies61

Safer-Sex Issues64

Chapter 4: Barriers to Sexual Health68

Sexual Compulsivity: what is compulsive?68

Sexual Avoidance69

Chemical Dependency69

Eating Disorders71

Mental Health Factors72



Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression75


Treatment for Mood Disorders78

Types and Impact of Abuse81

Use of the Internet and Other Technology90

Behavioral Analysis91

Chapter 5: Internal Factors of Sexual Health93

Body Image93

Developing a Healthy Body Image95

What would your genitals say?97



Sexually Explicit Material105

Chapter 6: Positive Sexuality108

Positive Sexuality108

Why Have Sex?109

Assertive Communication110


Sexual Behavior and Expression116

Historical Definitions of Health Sexual Expression117

Chapter 7: Intimacy and Relationships123

Desire for Intimacy123

Types of Intimacy123

Touch/Physical Intimacy129

Barriers to Intimacy130

Dating and Sexual Health132

The Language of Relationships134

Relationship Satisfaction135

Healing from Past Relationships136

Steps in Building the Sexual Relationship137

Type of Relationships144

Feelings of Grief148

Finding a relationship therapist151

Chapter 8: Spirituality, Values and Sexual Health152

Barriers to Spirituality152

Power of Story153

A New Beginning: Continuing the Conversation160

The next step…160


Additional Resources161

End Notes164